We provide comprehensive tailored protection for a wide range of vessel types, sizes and ages. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what is the best way to insure your vessel. We know what questions to ask because we understand boats and boating. We own them, we restore them, we cruise them and we fish them.

We offer coverage for wood and fiberglass hulls of all ages. If you are restoring your vessel, we can offer insurance ashore during the restoration period.

Please contact us if you own an antique runabout or day sailor; canoe, skiff or launch. We also insure wood hulled and fiberglass trawlers and cruisers. 

You do not have to own an antique vessel to enjoy Heritage Marine Insurance’s A+ protection and service. Our Contemporary Boat and Yacht program is designed for vessels newer than 25 years.  Let us place coverage for you in the program that offers the best protection for you and your vessel.

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